A Simple Approach to BDD
Wednesday, March 3 2014

I just released my latest screencast for Tekpub Pluralsight and I rather like it. It's live coding and I'm building something I need; I did my best to keep it real, and bring in what I've learned from other frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Node.

Tekpub Has Been Acquired
Tuesday, October 2 2013

For as long as I have been running Tekpub, my goal has been to expand things. Our subject matter, our market, and above all: Your Minds. Today I'm happy to announce that I'm joining forces with Pluralsight: Tekpub has been acquired. This is good news all around - for you, for me, and for the online learning industry.

Pair Coding With KnockoutJS
Wednesday, February 3 2013

I was lucky enough to get some help from Ryan Niemeyer (KnockoutJS core contributor) recently, and, like I do, I asked if I could record it. I love stuff like this: I need this to work well for the Real World, and I want to do it right.

Speeding Up Tekpub with Sam Saffron
Sunday, July 0 2012

Just pushed the latest drop for Tekpub - Speed: ASP.NET MVC Edition with Sam Saffron. I had a lot of fun doing this production and it's made a massive impact on our site.

A Little Bit of My Soul Went Into This One
Friday, December 5 2011

OK maybe the title is a smidge dramatic - but it's the truth. I sweated over each and ever second of Tekpub's latest production and I really believe that it's the best work we've done to date. It's basically a This Developer's Life, in video.

The Specialist
Friday, September 5 2011

One of my favorite movies of all time is Pulp Fiction. There are so many lines... so many scenes that it's hard to describe one as your favorite - but one that comes to mind often is Harvey Keitel as "The Wolf". When Ving Rhames says "I'm sending in the Wolf", you knew something good was about to happen.

How To Replace a $600 Piece of Software with 100 Lines of Ruby
Thursday, December 4 2010

Believe it or not - this title isn't link-baiting. I have to deal with encoding video on a near-daily basis and it can be mind-numbing, frustrating, and time-consuming. I finally got fed up and rolled my own. It took 5 hours and 100 lines of Ruby. This is my story.