Hi, I'm Rob Conery

I am a software developer living in Seattle. I specialize in web development but I am currently shifting my focus a bit towards backend systems and databases. I host and produce the podcast This Developer's Life with my friend Scott Hanselman.

Writing A Book: The Imposter's Handbook
July 04 2016

I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend the other week and we started debating some data access nonsense. This friend (whom shall remain anonymous) asked me a simple question:

Yet Another Fork In The Road
May 11 2016

I'm headed out on my own once again, and no, there's no drama here. Pluralsight has decided to venture into a realm of training that I'm just not qualified for (enterprise) so they were good enough to let me go off and do my own thing again.

Red4 Store Part 5: Fun With Phoenix, OTP, and Agents
March 16 2016

Before I get to the meat of this post, the code for what I've written so far is up here. The main bits are in /apps/peach.

JSONB and PostgreSQL: Work Faster By Ditching Migrations
February 27 2016

Migrations are a simple mechanism whereby you script out some change commands for your ORM, and that ORM then builds your database for you. To me, this is pure insanity. I dislike ORMs (accept, of course, for LLBLGenPro, which is astoundingly good). Trusting your ORM to build a proper database is ... kind of weird to me. SQL is terser, more expressive and (as it turns out) just right for the job.

Red:4 Store Part 4: The First Problem - Atoms
February 20 2016

I was asked a great question on Slack the other day - I wish I could remember the person's name (sorry!) but I can't find it ... anyway they asked me (paraphrased):

Red:4 Store Part 3 - Saving Session Data
February 17 2016

Let's implement an intelligent shopping cart - something that tracks what the customer is doing, how they came to our store, etc. I tend to think of these things in terms of a "Session" - a shopping process where a customer selects things, puts them back, and eventually (hopefully) buys something. If I do things correctly (to me, at least), I should end up with tight little functions an exactly 0 if statements.

Red:4 Store Part 2: Wrapping Our Heads Around Processes
February 11 2016

When you build applications in the Erlang world you create discrete processes that interact. In theory this is pretty straightforward - until you actually try to do it. Microservices fans out there know the value (and the pain) of managing a fleet of services; there are benefits to it, definitely, and also problems.

Let's Build Something With Elixir and Phoenix
February 10 2016

As CTO I get to call the shots here at Red:4 but I do have to answer to the CEO and others. It's easy to arm-wave, to go on and on about Elixir and functional languages - but at the end of the day it's what you do, not what you say that counts.