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Optimizing a Big RethinkDB Query, and a Correction

Yesterday I wrote a post about how much I liked RethinkDB and people seemed to like it a lot. Particularly the claim I made about optimizing a fuzzy text search over 200,000 records down to 9ms. That claim was wrong. I’ll walk through the various bubble and squeak below, but for now know that a) […]

RethinkDB 2.0 Is Amazing

I just turned in my next course for Pluralsight: RethinkDB Fundamentals – almost in time for their announcement that 2.0 has been released. This is very exciting – it’s a “production-ready” release which means that all the work they’ve done over the last 3+ years is ready to go, and it’s mind-blowing. Dabbling I have […]

Query RethinkDB tables from PostgreSQL with foreign data wrappers – RethinkDB

The wrapper makes it possible to expose individual tables from a RethinkDB database in PostgreSQL, enabling users to access their RethinkDB data with with SQL queries. Foreign Data Wrappers are one of those features in Postgres that really makes it stand apart from other systems. I once queried Twitter live on stage at NDC Oslo […]

Tree structure query with PostgreSQL

When dealing with hierarchical data, we usually use recursion for constructing the tree structure. It would be a performance problem if you query the tree node data from the database every time the recursion happens. Also, if you work with languages which are heavily based on callback like Javascript, you will find it is very […]

Embracing SQL In Postgres

Having the ability to work SQL in your favorite database engine is a life-long, good skill to have. In this post I’ll show you some of the favorite things I use in Postgres.