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Staying Hungry, Staying Foolish

I’m finally recovering from the longest period of burnout I’ve had – it’s lasted almost an entire year! The secret? Forgetting what I know and jumping first, thinking second.

Thank You For That Pull Request, However

I love working on Open Source projects – lending a hand or starting one up myself. I also love when people want to help, however it’s no fun when their pull request is just not helpful. No fun for them because no one likes rejection, and no fun for me because I don’t want to offend! So, this is a reference post that can be used for that occasion.

Using Custom Types in Postgres

Using Types For Fun and Profit In my last post about pulling documents from queries I showed an interesting way to return a result set using row_to_json to crunch down 1-many records into a JSON array. This works pretty well and is really fast – but it’s not exactly pretty: create or replace function get_member(member_id […]

Pulling Documents From a Relational Query in Postgres

JSON, JSONB and Postgres 9.4 Upfront: Postgres isn’t the only database system in town to formally support JSON; SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle do as well. Really – JSON is just text so there’s no miracle when it comes to “supporting” it in a relational system. The fun comes with how a system supports JSON. […]

Being a Nomad for a Year

Traveling For a Year Without a Plan No, I’m not independently wealthy and yes, we’re homeschooling our kids (aged 12 and 9). Yes I’m still working as we travel and so far things are … kind of working out for us (more on that later). We decided to do this basically on the spur of […]

A Better ID Generator For PostgreSQL

Postgres Global IDs Can Be More Than GUIDs When developers think about a globally-unique identifier, they usually think of UUIDs (or GUIDs) and will then create a table with a GUID as a primary key. This is problematic if your system grows or your writes/second increase. The first reason is that GUIDs are large string blobs […]

Take Control of Your Git Repos with DigitalOcean

This Kind of Thing Used To Be Hard Not anymore. Services like Linode, Azure, AWS and DigitalOcean are making Virtual Machine creation ridiculously simple. I use DigitalOcean for most of my VM/Image needs. It only runs Linux (for now) but if you’re a Windows/.NET person Azure is hard to beat. If you use Linux from […]

Your Own Private Heroku with DigitalOcean and Dokku

image credit: Dokku, Like Heroku But Not Dokku is one of those projects that I’ve been hearing about, but haven’t had the time to look into. I did that today, finally, and I have to say it’s… pretty impressive. It’s 100 lines of shell scripts that manage Docker for you – creating a Heroku-like […]

Writing a Better Abstract

Channeling Dexter The first thing that any abstract needs to do is connect with the potential audience. This is hard, especially when you’re dealing with some ultra-technical stuff. Let’s start with a success. My friend Rob Sullivan wanted to speak at NDC Oslo last year (my absolute favorite conference on the planet) and sent me […]