If I Were Creating Rails.app
Wednesday, March 3 2012

Nothing but respect for Yehuda, but I'm thinking the Kickstarter model for creating a tool might not fit terribly well in the OSS landscape. I could be wrong. Either way - I have an idea.

Understanding the Rails Asset Pipeline
Wednesday, January 3 2012

Rails 3.1 marks a strange turning point in the evolution of Rails: many hard-core fans are feeling the framework is losing its edge and becoming over-engineered. That might be a premature opinion.

Rails Has Turned Me Into a Cannibalizing Idiot
Monday, January 1 2012

Some interesting posts flying around about how ActiveRecord is rotting people's brains and how Rails is "pants on head retarded". I figured I might as well respond.

How To Backup Your Postgres DB To Amazon Nightly
Monday, October 1 2011

We just recently pushed Tekpub over to Posgres and all in all, it was very simple. I won't talk about the reasons we moved from MySQL - that's another post. This one is all about making sure your backups go off nightly.

Rails, Models and Business Logic
Thursday, October 4 2011

I get asked, quite often: "Where do you put your business logic in a Rails model?" This question typically comes from .NET developers who are dabbling with Rails/Ruby and trying to wrap their heads around it. A bit of a slippery-slope - I'm no expert here - but I'll tell you what *I* do...

Deploying a Site With Git Hooks
Friday, September 5 2011

This blog runs on Sinatra, using a CMS called Nesta (inspired by Topfunky). I love the control it gives me, but publishing a post meant deploying an update using Capistrano. I like Capistrano, but not as a post publisher... here's how I got around that.