Javascript Frameworks Are Amazing and Nobody Is Happy
Wednesday, August 3 2013

When I read things like "Callbacks as our Generations Go To Statement" I’m like maybe we need that. Maybe we need some time where we’re walking around with a donkey with old rusty GO TO statements clinking on the sides.

EmberJS Confuses Me
Tuesday, March 2 2013

I've been teeth-deep in Client-side Javascript frameworks over the last 4 months for Tekpub. This month is Angular, last month was Ember's turn and I gave up. It's the first time I've given up - here's why.

PostgreSQL Rising
Wednesday, July 3 2012

Postgres is gaining more and more attention - deservedly so. Open database systems like Postgres are standing up squarely against the massive, sprawling (and expensive) "Enterprise" systems like SQL Server and Oracle - usually with feature parity that works better. Of all these systems, Postgres is the smartest, fastest, and most capable.

Men In Tech
Thursday, May 4 2012

The tech industry, like many, is rife with sexual discrimination and muted policies towards equality in the workplace. I used to let it ride. No longer - this is my story.

A Fun Little JSON Murder Mystery With IE9
Sunday, October 0 2011

This was a multi-day bug with 10 deployments behind it. I was tired, frustrated and hateful of the incessant problems Internet Explorer brings to the world. I was about to give up. To hack in Yet Another IE Workaround, when I noticed something strange in the response headers...

Open ID Is A Nightmare
Tuesday, November 2 2010

I've always been a major proponent of Open ID. I love the idea and the intention - it's a great solution to a long-standing problem and solves a lot of issues for developers. Unfortunately it creates a ton more for business owners.