Loading Data From The API - How Much Is Too Much?
Sunday, March 0 2012

I'm really liking what's coming together with this Hypermedia-ish API. So many ideas and approaches are starting to come into focus. Like this one: how much structured data do I pass on the initial load of the API?

Alt.Tekpub: Working More With The Hypermedia (style) API
Wednesday, March 3 2012

Continuing on with building out a NodeJS app with Express and other buzzwords - I decided to build out a page using my API, while I build the API.

Alt.Tekpub: Consuming The API
Saturday, March 6 2012

The best way to build an API is to use it while you're building it. At least that's what I find the most effective. But how am I going to consume this API?

My Week With The Hypermedia Cowboys
Monday, March 1 2012

I asked for help with the Alt.Tekpub API from the RESTafari because I grew incredibly weary of the constant talk and Fielding quotes. Here are my results.

Moving The Philosophy Into Machinery
Friday, March 5 2012

The Alt.Tekpub site is coming together... all the pieces are starting to play nicely. But I still don't have an API. I have an *idea* what I want to do - but I'm waiting on a few more opinions.

Alt.Tekpub: Conceiving a RESTful API
Tuesday, February 2 2012

Right from the start I've known this application would serve a number of clients over its lifetime: HTML, Single Page JS Apps, and Mobile. How do we lay this thing out? A touchy subject of late, to be sure.

Testing Your Model with Mocha, Mongo, and NodeJS
Friday, February 5 2012

Mongo is installed, our data is ported. Time to roll together our first model: the Customer. How do you model this stuff with MongoDB and Node?

NodeJS Callback Conventions and Your App
Friday, February 5 2012

NodeJS has a pretty specific convention when implementing callbacks in modules - function(err,result). Does this always make sense?

Alt.Tekpub: Moving to MongoDB
Tuesday, February 2 2012

I've chosen to use MongoDB - now what?

Alt.Tekpub - Installing and Setting Up Node
Tuesday, February 2 2012

The data has been rolled into MongoDB - at least the first round - and now I need to get the API up and tested.