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Knowing More Programming Languages Will Make You Smarter

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Ember: Baby Steps

A Bit Steep I figured it’s about time to get constructive in terms of getting to know EmberJS. The only reason I haven’t up until this point is that I’ve...

EmberJS Confuses Me

I Tried Saying something confuses me is no great claim - many things do. It’s entirely likely that I didn’t study Ember long enough, or maybe I didn’t give it...

Screencasting Like a Pro: The Demos

Hopefully, You’ve Mused The first two posts of mine on this subject dealt with creating an outline and then executing the basics of a script. This is, more or less,...

Lost at Sea

Drifting In 1986 I dropped out of college. I was 2 years into a meaningless attempt at a degree without a major. I lived in Los Angeles and attended L.A....

Screencasting Like a Pro: The Script

Know What You’re Saying In the last post I did on the matter, we organized our thoughts into a coherent story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Screencasting Like a Pro : Beginning, Middle, and End

Start With a Story I learned this from Scott Hanselman: Have a beginning, middle, and end Don’t waste people’s time Start with the punchline

Avoiding Messy Situations With KnockoutJS and JavaScript

Steve, Jabber, and Changing My Mind I went to NDC 2012 in June, 2012 and as I drove from my brother’s house in San Diego, CA to Los Angeles to...

PostgreSQL Rising Some buzz going around the web today about Most people don’t understand why it’s interesting - so here’s a quick explanation.

Try It Quiet

New. Not New. NDC is dominated by Microsoft developers - many of whom are curious about other technologies like Node and Rails. When trying to describe Node to a Microsoft...