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Minty: Refactor 1 - Moving To a Document DB

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Minty: Razing the Pyramid of Pain

So Much Code For Such a Simple Thing…

Minty: Sanity Check One

Before We Get Too Far

Minty: The First Steps

What Are We Doing? I have an idea, now it’s time to flesh it out. In a traditional setting you may have sat with “stakeholders” or clients and fleshed out...

Minty: Defining the Model

What’s a Model? If you’re a Rails fan, a Model is where you drop validations, hooks, and some custom methods.

Hello Minty

My Boss Wants Me To Build This Node App… I get quite a few emails like this - all centering on a single question:

Tekpub Has Been Acquired

First Things First: You If you’re a Tekpub subscriber don’t worry: you’re still a Tekpub subscriber. AND a Pluralsight Subscriber. Here are the details:

Are You Really Doing BDD?

Arm-Waving I find that when you discuss BDD or DDD a mix of jargon and definitions is thrown around until no one understands each other. This type of thing plagues...

JavaScript Frameworks Are Amazing and Nobody Is Happy

Because everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy. Like, in my lifetime the changes in the world of programming have been incredible. When I was a kid we had...