Hello AzureCasts

Burke Holland and I created a site with short, RailsCasts-style videos devoted to solving problems for people using Azure. It's called AzureCasts.
Rob Conery
3 min read

Creating a Massively Scalable Blog with Ghost, MySQL and…

Continuing my little series on “deploying things to Azure with shell scripts” I decided to convert my WordPress script to one for Ghost. It...
Rob Conery
2 min read

Creating a Massively Scalable WordPress Site on Azure’s Hosted…

I get to break things for a living, and this time I'm putting Azure's WebApp for Containers through its paces, trying to get Wordpress...
Rob Conery
10 min read

Spinning Up a PostgreSQL Database on Azure Using Bash

Running PostgreSQL on Azure was always a bit of a sideshow. One of the reasons I returned to Microsoft, however, is that they are...
Rob Conery
7 min read