Rob Conery

  My name is Rob Conery and I help developers of all sorts learn what’s new with technology. I have been working in the technology field full time since 1998 as a DBA and then a web developer. My original focus was the Microsoft ASP.NET stack, building tools like Subsonic and the first Micro-ORM: Massive. Currently, I’m working on MassiveJS, which is a dedicated PostgreSQL data access tool for Node. I ported this to Elixir and named it Moebius.


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Wiring Serverless Routines With Firebase

Do we use a lot of smaller routines with Firebase Functions? Or one big one? We'll explore the options in this post.
4 min read

Thinking In Events With Firebase

There are no "best practices" or established architectural patterns with Firebase Functions. So what do we do when we receive payment from the customer?...
4 min read

Should I Trust Firebase? Of Course Not!

Let's address the elephant in the room: Should you trust a service like Firebase to handle your business? Not unless you want your pants...
4 min read

Kicking The Tires On This Serverless Thing

Yes, I know, you're sick of the term. The idea is interesting... but is it realistic? In this blog series we'll find out.
7 min read

Writing A Book Is Frustratingly Addictive

I want to love this process... I ... want to ...
8 min read

Diversity and Speaking

I'm hoping to do some small part to encourage conference diversity.
3 min read

Writing A Book: The Imposter’s Handbook

There is so much I don't know about Computer Science. I figured I'd share that with you
4 min read

Yet Another Fork In The Road

I both love and hate when things go upside down in my career. A little panic mixed with the intoxicating effect of opportunity.
2 min read

Red4 Store Part 5: Fun With Phoenix, OTP, and Agents

I've taken a little time from blogging about Elixir and this little project, mainly because I wanted to dive into OTP a bit more,...
8 min read

JSONB and PostgreSQL: Work Faster By Ditching Migrations

I am not a fan of migrations - never have been and probably never will be. They were interesting when Rails first came out,...
2 min read