Hi, I'm Rob Conery

I am the author of The Imposter's Handbook, founder of Big Machine, and a software developer living in Seattle. I also host and produce the podcast This Developer's Life with my friend Scott Hanselman.

The Imposter's Handbook, Print Edition Now Available
After a good year and a half of editing, polishing and shoving The Imposter's Handbook into shape, it's now ready for print. I'm selling it through Blurb print-on-demand and you can get it here. A few things about this. Price It's expensive to print books and I did my best
Dumb CS Problems And Your Next Job
Congratulations! I'm happy to let you know that seed round you've been dreaming about - that one that you wanted for that dream startup you've always had - well I'm going to fund you! Here's a million bucks - now go make that amazing idea happen! This is a fun
Hooking A Web Page To Firebase With VueJS
In the the last post in this series I set up a bunch of functions that go off in response to a set of events. This is dandy, but how will the client know when the transaction is completed? What does "completed" even mean? Defining Done At a high level,
Wiring Serverless Routines With Firebase
In the previous post we sent Stripe Checkout information to an HTTPS-triggered function - basically an API endpoint. Now we need to execute the charge and we can do that with Database-triggered functions. Evented Functions: What Goes Where? One of the most underutilized tools of Node, in my opinion, is
Thinking In Events With Firebase
Image credit: CCPixs.com The first two posts in this series were philosophical musings on "why serverless" and "why not serverless". With this post let's write some code. Rules...? I was talking with Matthias Brandewinder recently at NDC Oslo. He does a lot of serverless stuff, but mostly with Azure
Should I Trust Firebase? Of Course Not!
In the last post I discussed my initial foray into the serverless thing, and why going with other platforms (AWS Lambda, Webtask.io, etc) didn't make sense at the time. I've received a number of comments since then, specifically about this post which details how one company had their costs
Kicking The Tires On This Serverless Thing
I just released a video series about building a serverless application with Firebase, and I thought I would write it up in a blog series as well. I think it's worth reading and understanding what I went through. This is Part 1 of that series. The Punchline Before doing this
Writing A Book Is Frustratingly Addictive
I really enjoyed writing The Imposter's Handbook, as well as making the videos. I can say that now because it's done with and the human mind has an amazing ability to cull things negative. So, naturally, I'm doing it again. I have a fun idea for my next little project.
Diversity and Speaking
I just returned from NDC London 2017 and, as always, had a lovely time. The conference is consistently well-run and I can't recommend it enough. One of the things I particularly enjoyed was the qualititive difference in the energy this year. The NDC team decided to do more this year
Writing A Book: The Imposter's Handbook
Update: The Book Is Available Now I've setup a pre-release for the book which you can buy now. You'll receive all updates as they become available! I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend the other week and we started debating some data access nonsense. This friend