Hi, I'm Rob Conery

I am the author of The Imposter's Handbook, founder of Big Machine, and a software developer living in Seattle. I also host and produce the podcast This Developer's Life with my friend Scott Hanselman.

The Imposter's Handbook, Print Edition Now Available
After a good year and a half of editing, polishing and shoving [The Imposter's Handbook](https://bigmachine.io/products/the-imposters-handbook) into shape, **it's now ready for print**. I'm selling it through Blurb print-on-demand. Update I was selling this through Blurb but they decided to use the wrong PDF to print
Dumb CS Problems And Your Next Job
Congratulations! I'm happy to let you know that seed round you've been dreaming about - that one that you wanted for that dream startup you've always had - well I'm going to fund you! Here's a million bucks - now go make that amazing idea happen! This is a fun
Hooking A Web Page To Firebase With VueJS
In the the last post in this series I set up a bunch of functions that go off in response to a set of events. This is dandy, but how will the client know when the transaction is completed? What does "completed" even mean? Defining Done At a high level,
Wiring Serverless Routines With Firebase
In the previous post we sent Stripe Checkout information to an HTTPS-triggered function - basically an API endpoint. Now we need to execute the charge and we can do that with Database-triggered functions. Evented Functions: What Goes Where? One of the most underutilized tools of Node, in my opinion, is
Thinking In Events With Firebase
Image credit: CCPixs.com The first two posts in this series were philosophical musings on "why serverless" and "why not serverless". With this post let's write some code. Rules...? I was talking with Matthias Brandewinder recently at NDC Oslo. He does a lot of serverless stuff, but mostly with Azure
Should I Trust Firebase? Of Course Not!
In the last post I discussed my initial foray into the serverless thing, and why going with other platforms (AWS Lambda, Webtask.io, etc) didn't make sense at the time. I've received a number of comments since then, specifically about this post which details how one company had their costs
Kicking The Tires On This Serverless Thing
I just released a video series about building a serverless application with Firebase, and I thought I would write it up in a blog series as well. I think it's worth reading and understanding what I went through. This is Part 1 of that series. The Punchline Before doing this
Writing A Book Is Frustratingly Addictive
I really enjoyed writing The Imposter's Handbook, as well as making the videos. I can say that now because it's done with and the human mind has an amazing ability to cull things negative. So, naturally, I'm doing it again. I have a fun idea for my next little project.
Diversity and Speaking
I just returned from NDC London 2017 and, as always, had a lovely time. The conference is consistently well-run and I can't recommend it enough. One of the things I particularly enjoyed was the qualititive difference in the energy this year. The NDC team decided to do more this year
Writing A Book: The Imposter's Handbook
Update: The Book Is Available Now I've setup a pre-release for the book which you can buy now. You'll receive all updates as they become available! I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend the other week and we started debating some data access nonsense. This friend