Screencasting Like a Pro: The Demos
Thursday, August 4 2012

Once the script outline is set and you have a skeleton of the words and tone you want to use - it's time to bake the demos. Yes: Bake.

Screencasting Like a Pro: The Script
Thursday, August 4 2012

You have a solid idea of what you want to say - now you just have to say it. The uphill climb begins. This is part 2 of how to improve your screencasting skills.

Screencasting Like a Pro : Beginning, Middle, and End
Tuesday, August 2 2012

I get asked a lot about my process, software, and microphone for the screencasts I do at Tekpub. I figured I'd blog about it because the world needs better screencasts. This is part 1 of more to come...

Creating a Video For Your Team
Wednesday, December 3 2010

Haakon Langaas Lageng asked me the other day "How do you make your videos?" His question was less technical, more procedural. I answered him and thought that I would share this with you. You might be thinking "why would I do such a thing?" - the answer is that a well-made screencast saves everybody time and is 10 times as effective as a book.