Are You Really Doing BDD?
Tuesday, August 2 2013

I'm a fan of BDD, but I find that many examples (and codebases and default settings) fall short of the original philosophy. Here's Why.

Pretty Little Ruby
Tuesday, October 2 2011

One thing I really like about Ruby is the ability to refactor to one line. Note that this isn't some spartan thing I have going, nor some geek-macho :) "look what I can do". Instead, I find it a lot more readable. Here's why...

Deploying a Site With Git Hooks
Friday, September 5 2011

This blog runs on Sinatra, using a CMS called Nesta (inspired by Topfunky). I love the control it gives me, but publishing a post meant deploying an update using Capistrano. I like Capistrano, but not as a post publisher... here's how I got around that.

How To Replace a $600 Piece of Software with 100 Lines of Ruby
Thursday, December 4 2010

Believe it or not - this title isn't link-baiting. I have to deal with encoding video on a near-daily basis and it can be mind-numbing, frustrating, and time-consuming. I finally got fed up and rolled my own. It took 5 hours and 100 lines of Ruby. This is my story.