Red4 Store Part 5: Fun With Phoenix, OTP, and Agents
Tuesday, March 2 2016

I've taken a little time from blogging about Elixir and this little project, mainly because I wanted to dive into OTP a bit more, and I also needed to figure out Phoenix and what I needed to remove.

JSONB and PostgreSQL: Work Faster By Ditching Migrations
Friday, February 5 2016

I am not a fan of migrations - never have been and probably never will be. They were interesting when Rails first came out, but now they're pure friction.

Red:4 Store Part 4: The First Problem - Atoms
Friday, February 5 2016

I've run into my first problem, and it's a big one: using Atoms inappropriately.

Red:4 Store Part 3 - Saving Session Data
Tuesday, February 2 2016

We have a Session process that is being Supervised, which is the hard part. Now let's hook up a persistent data source.

Red:4 Store Part 2: Wrapping Our Heads Around Processes
Wednesday, February 3 2016

It's time to dive right into the deep end and consider how we're going to use OTP. The learning curve is deceptively steep, but if we can do this correctly we'll have a rather bullet-proof system.

Let's Build Something With Elixir and Phoenix
Tuesday, February 2 2016

Red:4 needs an online store. We could continue to use Shopify but that's not our style. As CTO, I've decided to build an eCommerce store with Elixir and to do it publicly. You're going to help me.