Massive's Dynamic Query Syntax
Monday, September 1 2011

I've been meaning to write this post for a long time and finally today have gotten around to it. I just read Scott's post on fixing up Hanselminutes and looking at his examples of using Massive... eek! There's a better way - let's see how.

Massive: 400 Lines of Data Access Happiness
Tuesday, February 2 2011

In a previous post I showed some fun stuff with System.Dynamic and Data Access. I'm happy to say that I tweaked it, loved it, and pushed it to Github if you want to diddle with it. This post is a tad long and dives into Dynamics at the end - read it if you want a fun mental exercise. Otherwise the code is upfront.

A Dynamic Data Utility for WebMatrix
Sunday, February 0 2011

I promised myself I'd never do this again: create an ORM-y/Data Tool for .NET. But I needed some utilities for some work I'm doing, and I extracted the databits because I can't help myself. I like to share - mom taught me right.