The Frustratingly Lovable Crazy-making Huggable Ball of Whack That Is Ember.js
Tuesday, May 2 2014

I've given Ember a hard time in the past. I just didn't get it. I didn't understand the philosophy, why Ember existed at all, or why it was called 'MVC'. Over the last 6 months I've dug in my heels and tried (once again) to build something with it. I did, and I'm impressed. And still a bit confused.

Angular and Backbone Live on Pluralsight
Monday, January 1 2014

We're slowly rolling our productions into Pluralsight, and two of my favorites are up and ready for you to see.

Yes Bad Javascript Will Shut Your Site Down
Sunday, October 0 2013

Many people think client-side Javascript won't affect your server even if it's poorly-written. I think that's not the case, in fact I'm becoming more and more convinced that poor Javascript on the client is the problem that's plaguing

Javascript Frameworks Are Amazing and Nobody Is Happy
Wednesday, August 3 2013

When I read things like "Callbacks as our Generations Go To Statement" I’m like maybe we need that. Maybe we need some time where we’re walking around with a donkey with old rusty GO TO statements clinking on the sides.

Models and Services in Angular
Wednesday, April 3 2013

It can be confusing when trying to structure a client-side application, especially when it comes to separating models from controllers and services. Doing this in Angular means diving into some details.

Ember... What If (Part 1)
Friday, March 5 2013

The Ember guys are having a hard week. I promised Tom Dale I'd try and help by "arm-waving" an API together that I feel expresses a bit more about the main ideas behind Ember. It's Friday, I've had a beer or two... but I got inspired...

Ember: Baby Steps
Tuesday, March 2 2013

If you read my blog, you know I've been goofing around with quite a few Javascript libraries. Some are easier than others. This time, it's Ember's turn.

Convention Over Incantation?
Sunday, March 0 2013

Convention over Configuration is now simply an assumed thing for modern frameworks - and this is (mostly) a good thing. Sometimes I wonder if it's being taken too far.

EmberJS Confuses Me
Tuesday, March 2 2013

I've been teeth-deep in Client-side Javascript frameworks over the last 4 months for Tekpub. This month is Angular, last month was Ember's turn and I gave up. It's the first time I've given up - here's why.

Pair Coding With KnockoutJS
Wednesday, February 3 2013

I was lucky enough to get some help from Ryan Niemeyer (KnockoutJS core contributor) recently, and, like I do, I asked if I could record it. I love stuff like this: I need this to work well for the Real World, and I want to do it right.