The Wisdom and Magic of Strings
Wednesday, March 3 2011

Magic Strings - they're bad right? What are these repulsive warts on good design? And why do they want to melt my code? The fear of strings drives otherwise talented and wise developers to do some extraordinarily ridiculous things...

I Suppose I'll Just Say It: You Should Learn MVC
Tuesday, April 2 2009

I’m never shy about my opinion – why start now? I’ve been reading a lot of posts flying about on whether you should learn MVC, Summing up the differences so you can decide when to use it, I even found a post that offers a scorecard approach!

Creating IN Queries With Linq To Sql
Tuesday, February 2 2008

Props on this one go to Scott Hanselman who pulled me back from the edge of the cliff last night. I was particularly distraught in getting a MIX demo together where I had to do some queries using LINQ, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to fashion an IN query!