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Vim: The Alpha and Omega

image from Skillz Consider: if you're a coder you type for a living. Code, email, docs – whatever. One of the biggest efficiency gains you can achieve is to become a faster editor. This is what Vim does best: help you edit Faster, Better, Stronger – and you can carry these skills with you […]

Posted in vimApril 28, 2013

Moving Your Mind Into Vim Mode

You Won't Like It If you haven't used Vim before and you're looking to learn it – it's kind of like a first taste of coffee. Or beer. It's bitter, not particularly sweet, and you get pretty damn tired of people talking about how much they love it rather quickly. But then the buzz kicks […]

Posted in vimJuly 29, 2010

Do Androids Dream of Modal :Sheep?

You Need To Understand This First… My brother John is a freak. He moved out of our house when he was 16 – declared himself an emancipated minor – and went to college a good 2 years before he should have. He is the oldest of 5 kids and I think, during his time with […]

Posted in vimMay 4, 2010

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