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A Simple Approach to BDD

So. Many. Opinions. I want to start here as it's some of the first … "feedback" I received when I told my friends what I was up to: Oh no. Not that again. BDD causes arguments and people become rather obsessed with what it is, the syntax you use, the tools you use, and how […]

Update on Planned Tekpub Videos

Everything Was Finished… And Then… All the demos were done and edited down, zoomed in, cleaned up and re-shot where needed. The voicework was complete for both of these videos – all that needed to happen next was to tidy up, add some titling, and slick it all out. Which is what I've been doing […]

Tekpub Has Been Acquired

First Things First: You If you're a Tekpub subscriber don't worry: you're still a Tekpub subscriber. AND a Pluralsight Subscriber. Here are the details: Tekpub Annuals will roll right over to Pluralsight Annuals Plus. You'll get an email letting you know when your new subscription is active – which should be very shortly. Tekpub Monthlies […]

Pair Coding With KnockoutJS

An Expert at Work Most of us can figure out what we're trying to do with a new toolset – it's all about reading the docs and playing around until the philosophy of the thing creeps its way in and the tool begins to fit our hand just a bit better. Every now and again, […]

Speeding Up Tekpub with Sam Saffron

I Suck Long story short: like many, I put off "optimizations" to Tekpub as I focused on other things. It's easy to not pay attention to these things – the mantra usually being something like "is anyone complaining? Then it's not a problem I need to fix right now". That's sort of true… sort of […]

A Little Bit of My Soul Went Into This One

Pushing Every Tekpub production that I create, I try to push myself a bit harder. I've said it before: a 6-month publishing cycle coupled with killing a small forest to push obsolete knowledge is utterly ridiculous. Yes, I like books in concept too – but using books to learn technical "stuff" is problematic: it just […]

Tekpub Update, October 2011

##Site Updates I'm in the middle of tweaking a few things on the site backend. Specifically:*Rolling over to Postgres. This is for many, many reasons. *Moving off of Shopify. I like them a lot, but the checkout process is confusing so I'm pulling it back, but in a nicer, much cleaner way. *Resetting subscriptions to […]

The Specialist

##"I Solve Problems" Winston Wolf is the epitome of "No shit action" – someone who doesn't equivocate, he just knows what to do to right a wrong situation. He steps in, takes command, and "fixes" other people's problems – often getting right in their face in the process. If you haven't watched Pulp Fiction recently […]

The State of Tekpub, 2011

I'm Going Full Time Getting a business off the ground is hard work and both James and I have put a lot of personal "stuff" into the effort. I'm happy to say that as of Monday I went full time on Tekpub – I'm able to support myself now and that's great for everyone as […]

Tekpub's Second Open House

It's Your Career – Empower Yourself It's why James and I do this: knowledge is power. Arm yourself with pragmatic and usable knowledge that you can use today. There's a lot going on and videos are becoming the quickest, simplest way to learn. We pride ourselves on depth and objectivity – find out for yourself […]