Ruby on Rails

There was a time in my life where I loved this framework dearly. It taught me a lot about simplicity.

If I Were Creating
March 29 2012

Don't Fund It, Sell It.

Here's my premise: a lot of people have their Rails environment dialed in. The one's that are having a bit of a harder time tend to be the folks just getting started or perhaps upgrading. These are the people that might very well plunk down $5 for a tool to help them.

Understanding the Rails Asset Pipeline
January 12 2012

Is There a Problem?

Rails Has Turned Me Into a Cannibalizing Idiot
January 03 2012

Chad Myers, Letting It Flow

Chad and I are friends. Chad has opinions and I tend to like people who not only have opinions - but let them out freely.

Rails, Models and Business Logic
October 14 2011

##The Problem

Deploying a Site With Git Hooks
September 17 2011

##Step 1: Setup Your SSH Keys