There is no relational database better than PostgreSQL, and I'll tell you all about why.

JSONB and PostgreSQL: Work Faster By Ditching Migrations

Migrations are a simple mechanism whereby you script out some change commands for your ORM, and that ORM then builds your database for you. To me, this is pure insanity. I dislike ORMs (accept, of course, for LLBLGenPro, which is astoundingly good). Trusting your ORM to build a proper database is ... kind of weird to me. SQL is terser, more expressive and (as it turns out) just right for the job.

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Document Storage Gymnastics with Postgres

With the release of Postgres 9.4 came the additional datatype jsonb. This is binary JSON, the same type of thing that MongoDB uses for internal storage. Postgres has had the json data type for a while, but jsonb allows you to do something lovely: document indexing and specialized queries.

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Embracing SQL In Postgres

One thing that drives me absolutely over the cliff is how ORMs try so hard (and fail) to abstract the power and expressiveness of SQL. Before I write further let me say that Frans Bouma reminded me yesterday there's a difference between ORMs and the people that use them. They're just tools (the ORMs) - and I agree with that in the same way I agree that crappy fast food doesn't make people fat - it's the people that eat too much of it.

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Something Borrowed, Something New

30 Seconds. Just 30 Seconds.

I always say - if you can't give me the pitch in a single sentence, in 30 seconds, your idea isn't worth what you think it is. So here's what I got for you:> PostGres will blow your mind; given its Enterprise features (Compression, partitioning, Full Text indexing, etc) , ease of use and configuration, and intelligent feature set - it's likely you'll want to use it tomorrow.

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