Staying Hungry, Staying Foolish

I'm finally recovering from the longest period of burnout I've had - it's lasted almost an entire year! The secret? Forgetting what I know and jumping first, thinking second.


Thank You For That Pull Request, However

I love working on Open Source projects - lending a hand or starting one up myself. I also love when people want to help, however it's no fun when their pull request is just not helpful. No fun for...


PHP or ASP.NET: Did I Do The Right Thing?

It Was 2001, and I Had a Decision To Make Imagine if you could go back and rebase your technical career. What pivotal moments would you change? In 2001 I was cofounder of a pretty successful web...


But Hey: They Have BizSpark

Image Credit: The Great Boston Molasses Spill Just Yesterday, On Twitter… Wondering if anyone has ever ported a very large, super-optimized, high-TPS database from MS-SQL to PostgreSQL and...


Are You Really Doing BDD?

Arm-Waving I find that when you discuss BDD or DDD a mix of jargon and definitions is thrown around until no one understands each other. This type of thing plagues software development (see REST) and...