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Staying Hungry, Staying Foolish

I’m finally recovering from the longest period of burnout I’ve had – it’s lasted almost an entire year! The secret? Forgetting what I know and jumping first, thinking second.

Thank You For That Pull Request, However

I love working on Open Source projects – lending a hand or starting one up myself. I also love when people want to help, however it’s no fun when their pull request is just not helpful. No fun for them because no one likes rejection, and no fun for me because I don’t want to offend! So, this is a reference post that can be used for that occasion.

Writing a Better Abstract

Channeling Dexter The first thing that any abstract needs to do is connect with the potential audience. This is hard, especially when you’re dealing with some ultra-technical stuff. Let’s start with a success. My friend Rob Sullivan wanted to speak at NDC Oslo last year (my absolute favorite conference on the planet) and sent me […]

Repositories On Top UnitOfWork Are Not a Good Idea

The Rationale It’s generally believed that by using the Repository pattern, you can (in summary) “decouple” your data access from your domain and “expose the data in a consistent way”. If you look at any of the implementations of a Repository working with a UnitOfWork (EF) – you’ll see there’s not all that much “decoupling”: […]

PHP or ASP.NET: Did I Do The Right Thing?

It Was 2001, and I Had a Decision To Make Imagine if you could go back and rebase your technical career. What pivotal moments would you change? In 2001 I was cofounder of a pretty successful web consultancy and we did everything with Classic ASP, which was pretty hot shit at the time. We were […]

But Hey: They Have BizSpark

Image Credit: The Great Boston Molasses Spill Just Yesterday, On Twitter… Wondering if anyone has ever ported a very large, super-optimized, high-TPS database from MS-SQL to PostgreSQL and lived to tell the tale — Joel Spolsky (@spolsky) February 11, 2014 Good question Joel. What's going on here? @matteomelani at some point the licensing costs (far) […]

Yes Bad Javascript Will Shut Your Site Down

Carping About Uncompressed Javascript I hate citing newspaper articles when it comes to anything technical – but this one is a guest article by a developer and he claims: It is much more likely that's problems are related to the more expensive operations involving the insurance application process itself. Checking users' eligibility and filing […]

Are You Really Doing BDD?

Arm-Waving I find that when you discuss BDD or DDD a mix of jargon and definitions is thrown around until no one understands each other. This type of thing plagues software development (see REST) and makes it extremely difficult to discuss… well anything. Behavior-driven Development, however, seems to be pretty straightforward as long as we […]