Sometimes I think things...

And then I write them down and get in trouble...

It's Time To Get Over That Stored Procedure Aversion You Have
February 21 2015

In the .NET world (and beyond), data access is a cluster-fucked echo chamber of half-assed rocket engineering and cargo cultism based on decade-old cathedralized thinking and corporate naval -gazing.

Staying Hungry, Staying Foolish
January 24 2015

Playing The Fool Again

I'm building a new little venture right now and, for the first time in years, I'm flipped out excited. No no not because I think it will change the world and make me stupid rich - no I'm just excited to build it because it's fun and I like to build things. And dammit I'm having a great time.

Thank You For That Pull Request, However
January 21 2015

I think I’m going to have to pass on this one. Wait - WAIT! Don’t get mad, let me explain - I really do appreciate your time and what you’ve done. I think we’re simply not on the same page.

Writing a Better Abstract
May 13 2014

Channeling Dexter

PHP or ASP.NET: Did I Do The Right Thing?
February 18 2014

It Was 2001, and I Had a Decision To Make

Yes Bad Javascript Will Shut Your Site Down
October 07 2013

Carping About Uncompressed Javascript

I hate citing newspaper articles when it comes to anything technical - but this one is a guest article by a developer and he claims:

Are You Really Doing BDD?
August 28 2013


I find that when you discuss BDD or DDD a mix of jargon and definitions is thrown around until no one understands each other. This type of thing plagues software development (see REST) and makes it extremely difficult to discuss... well anything.

Javascript Frameworks Are Amazing and Nobody Is Happy
August 22 2013

Because everything is amazing right now and nobody’s happy. Like, in my lifetime the changes in the world of programming have been incredible. When I was a kid we had no DOM abstractions and Javascript was a like a rotary phone that you had to stand next to, and you had to dial it. Do you know how primitive – you’re making sparks in a phone!

Knowing More Programming Languages Will Make You Smarter
May 13 2013

image from

Convention Over Incantation?
March 18 2013

Conventions? Curations? Innovations?

Convention over Configuration is a "pull" - meaning that it's derived from practice. Conventions evolve and ultimately people agree on them… thus the term "convention".

EmberJS Confuses Me
March 06 2013

I Tried

Saying something confuses me is no great claim - many things do. It's entirely likely that I didn't study Ember long enough, or maybe I didn't give it the "time to soak in" that it deserved. Either way I punted on my efforts to bring an Ember title to Tekpub.

Customer Service vs. Serving the Customer
February 18 2013

May I Help You?

I receive a number of support emails during the normal work week. They are mostly technical ones about our streaming player or questions about our content. Occasionally requests for certain topics.

Code Editor Thunderdome
November 18 2012

The Editors

The editors I've been using, fairly routinely, over the last 5 years are (in no order):

Lost at Sea
August 27 2012


In 1986 I dropped out of college. I was 2 years into a meaningless attempt at a degree without a major. I lived in Los Angeles and attended L.A. Valley College taking 12 units of meaningless general education, swimming 4000 yards from 3-5pm every day trying to get in shape for water polo tryout at UCLA.

PostgreSQL Rising
July 19 2012

Some buzz going around the web today about Most people don't understand why it's interesting - so here's a quick explanation.

Just For Consumption
June 20 2012

Make You a Deal

Long story short: I hired my 10 yr. old daughter to make the artwork for my slides for my NDC 2012 talk on PostgreSQL. I bought a new iPad 3 as I read books on my iPad a lot (make that only) - a clear screen is glorious. I was going to sell my old one but thought it would make a nice educational gift for my kids.

Men In Tech
May 11 2012

The Boner

This all started, as most stories do, on a regular day. The sun was shining, I was in a good mood all things considered. I drove to work in light traffic in my new car that I could afford because I have this job in the technical industry. I'm a programmer - which is usually quite shocking to people when I tell them.

Leaving Your Mark
April 17 2012


The rampant amount of errors you run across (if you use IE with script error notification enabled) will make you sad for the internet. It lead my friend Miguel deIcaza to postulate:

If I Were Creating
March 29 2012

Don't Fund It, Sell It.

Here's my premise: a lot of people have their Rails environment dialed in. The one's that are having a bit of a harder time tend to be the folks just getting started or perhaps upgrading. These are the people that might very well plunk down $5 for a tool to help them.

CoffeeScript or Straight Up Javascript? It's Decision Time
March 21 2012

Decision Time

Up to now I've been using CoffeeScript mainly for my tests - such as they are. I find it highly descriptive and easy to read: a must when reviewing a test suite. This instantly brings up two questions:

Someone Save Us From REST
February 28 2012

ZOMG Did You Hear The News?!?!?!?

PATCH is the new primary HTTP method for updates. Think files, for example. If you upload a file to S3 at some URL, you want either to create the file at that URL or replace an existing file if there's one. That is PUT.

Kiss The Ring...
February 07 2012

Hadi Hariri,

Rails Has Turned Me Into a Cannibalizing Idiot
January 03 2012

Chad Myers, Letting It Flow

Chad and I are friends. Chad has opinions and I tend to like people who not only have opinions - but let them out freely.

Fucking Your Way Out
November 08 2011

A Tale of Two Points

The Hubble Blew My Mind
October 25 2011

##She Was Hit By... Space Junk

Rails, Models and Business Logic
October 14 2011

##The Problem

Flex The Power of Your Mac Terminal: Aliases
October 06 2011

##What's In Your .Profile?

How's About We Walk Down There and F**ck Em All
September 21 2011

##The Apalachin Meeting

The Mac Is a Great Dev Box
September 14 2011

Your Dev Box Should Be Virtual

The Wisdom and Magic of Strings
March 10 2011

What's a Magic String?

Marla Singer Didn't Exist
January 03 2011

Digging A Little Deeper Into Fight Club

Open ID Is A Nightmare
November 17 2010

It Seemed Like Such a Great Idea