Node is fun, Node is necessary. Node is something I love and hate!

Minty: Wrapping It Up
January 07 2014

So, What Do We Have Here?

Minty: Working The Evented Pattern
December 16 2013

Refactoring, Refactoring

Minty: Conveying an API
December 09 2013

Minty: Refactor 1 - Moving To a Document DB
December 06 2013

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Minty: Razing the Pyramid of Pain
December 04 2013

So Much Code For Such a Simple Thing...

Minty: Sanity Check One
November 27 2013

Minty: The First Steps
November 20 2013

What Are We Doing?

I have an idea, now it's time to flesh it out. In a traditional setting you may have sat with "stakeholders" or clients and fleshed out some requirements - at least enough to get you started.

Minty: Defining the Model
November 20 2013

What's a Model?

If you're a Rails fan, a Model is where you drop validations, hooks, and some custom methods.

Hello Minty
November 19 2013

My Boss Wants Me To Build This Node App...

I get quite a few emails like this - all centering on a single question:

Are You Really Doing BDD?
August 28 2013


I find that when you discuss BDD or DDD a mix of jargon and definitions is thrown around until no one understands each other. This type of thing plagues software development (see REST) and makes it extremely difficult to discuss... well anything.

Avoiding Messy Situations With KnockoutJS and Javascript
August 12 2012

Steve, Jabber, and Changing My Mind

I went to NDC 2012 in June, 2012 and as I drove from my brother's house in San Diego, CA to Los Angeles to catch my flight to Europe, I listened to Javascript Jabber - the one with Steve on, who was there to basically defend Knockout's existence in the face of a tidal wave of Javascript snottiness.

Try It Quiet
July 04 2012

New. Not New.

NDC is dominated by Microsoft developers - many of whom are curious about other technologies like Node and Rails. When trying to describe Node to a Microsoft developer a natural Q&A starts that can go a number of ways - but I found, oddly, that the outcome was quite predictable.

The Weekend With NodeJS
April 18 2012

All Roads Lead to Node

You ever head to the local user group meeting or conference - or maybe just casually drop by a colleague's office - and they're discussing some new technical concept? One that you may, or may not, know much about?

Cleaning Up Deep Callback Nesting With Node's EventEmitter
April 05 2012

The Registration Problem

Consider this: you want customers to register with your site. When they do, a number of things need to happen: