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Yes Bad Javascript Will Shut Your Site Down

Carping About Uncompressed Javascript I hate citing newspaper articles when it comes to anything technical – but this one is a guest article by a developer and he claims: It is much more likely that's problems are related to the more expensive operations involving the insurance application process itself. Checking users' eligibility and filing […]

Models and Services in Angular

Image from What's a Model? What's a Service? I read over a post by Joel Hooks today called Modeling Data and State in Your AngularJS Application and the idea was put forward that you can clean up your Controllers by (basically) using Angular's service as a model. The idea is a good one: Clean […]

Ember… What If (Part 1)

image from The Rusty Shield Hello There! Setting a happy tone immediately is job one, in my mind. When you add Ember to a page you want to know it's there, and it's ready for you. Moreover you want to get going writing some code! Right now you're stopped immediately with script warnings about including […]

Ember: Baby Steps

A Bit Steep I figured it's about time to get constructive in terms of getting to know EmberJS. The only reason I haven't up until this point is that I've been very busy with Tekpub's Angular production. So, today's the day. Let's get started. Baby Steps Getting Ember setup is frustrating. The Ember guides are […]

Convention Over Incantation?

Conventions? Curations? Innovations? Convention over Configuration is a "pull" – meaning that it's derived from practice. Conventions evolve and ultimately people agree on them… thus the term "convention". Rails made use of this most profoundly when it was introduced. From Giles Bowkett: When Rails first arrived, in many instances, it took the greatest ideas and […]

EmberJS Confuses Me

I Tried Saying something confuses me is no great claim – many things do. It's entirely likely that I didn't study Ember long enough, or maybe I didn't give it the "time to soak in" that it deserved. Either way I punted on my efforts to bring an Ember title to Tekpub. Normally I'd just […]

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