It's Fun to Have Fun, You Just Have To Know How

Building things is very, very fun!

How To Learn a New Programming Language While Maintaining Your Day Job
October 06 2015

I don't typically write "lifehack" posts, but this question has come up repeatedly over the last few weeks:

Using Recursion In Elixir To Break Your OO Brain
September 04 2015

I have to start out each post this way: I have no idea what I'm doing, but dammit am I having fun. In the fist few posts I ham-handedly threw some code against the wall to see what would ... stick? Anyway It worked, but I realized (as I did with Ruby, wonderfully) that there just has to be a better way.

Hello Elixir. Wow.
September 03 2015

I don't know anything about elixir but I very much want to learn it. I like learning new things - I feel it's required for our industry. It's easy to feel a twinge of snark about this, I feel that too, every day. But every now and again something comes along and I just find myself getting pulled right in.

PostgreSQL Document API Part 4: Complex Queries
September 01 2015

Storing documents in PostgreSQL is a little easier, now that we have some solid save routines, a way to run Full Text searches, and some basic Find and Filter routines.

PostgreSQL Document API Part 3: Finding Things
August 25 2015

In parts 1 and 2 of this little series I showed various ways to save a document and then update its search field. I also showed how to do a Bulk Saves of many documents transactionally. In this post I'll explore options for running queries.

PostgreSQL Document API Part 2: Full Text Search and Bulk Save
August 22 2015

In part 1 of this series I setup a nice save function, as well as another function to create an opinionated document storage table on the fly. This works well and does what's needed, but we can do so much more. Specifically: I want Full Text Indexing on the fly and bulk saves within a transaction.

Designing a PostgreSQL Document API
August 20 2015

PostgreSQL as many know, supports JSON as a storage type and with the release of 9.4, Postgres now supports storing JSON as jsonb - a binary format.

Embracing SQL In Postgres
February 24 2015

One thing that drives me absolutely over the cliff is how ORMs try so hard (and fail) to abstract the power and expressiveness of SQL. Before I write further let me say that Frans Bouma reminded me yesterday there's a difference between ORMs and the people that use them. They're just tools (the ORMs) - and I agree with that in the same way I agree that crappy fast food doesn't make people fat - it's the people that eat too much of it.