But Hey: They Have BizSpark

February 12 2014 Opinion Controversial

Image Credit: The Great Boston Molasses Spill

Just Yesterday, On Twitter...

Wondering if anyone has ever ported a very large, super-optimized, high-TPS database from MS-SQL to PostgreSQL and lived to tell the tale

— Joel Spolsky (@spolsky) February 11, 2014

Good question Joel. What's going on here?

@matteomelani at some point the licensing costs (far) exceed the cost of engineers to port

— Joel Spolsky (@spolsky) February 11, 2014

Not sure if he's talking about Trello or Stack Exchange (I think it's the latter), but what I do know is that using SQL Server can get quite expensive. You probably spend more time trying to figure out if you're in compliance.

Personally I think you're insane for ever choosing SQL Server outside the enterprise when there are so many better, open alternatives like postgres Cassandra, Riak and RavenDB.That's just me, and I have strong opinions.

But hey: they have BizSpark:

Basically, it’s a gamble that some startups will transform into successful businesses in a few years, businesses that don’t care when they have to spend less than 1% of their income on software licensing fees.

I think someone cares.