But Hey: They Have BizSpark


February 12 2014

Image Credit: The Great Boston Molasses Spill

Just Yesterday, On Twitter...

Good question Joel. What's going on here?

Not sure if he's talking about Trello or Stack Exchange (I think it's the latter), but what I do know is that using SQL Server can get quite expensive. You probably spend more time trying to figure out if you're in compliance.

Personally I think you're insane for ever choosing SQL Server outside the enterprise when there are so many better, open alternatives like postgres Cassandra, Riak and RavenDB.That's just me, and I have strong opinions.

But hey: they have BizSpark:

Basically, it’s a gamble that some startups will transform into successful businesses in a few years, businesses that don’t care when they have to spend less than 1% of their income on software licensing fees.

I think someone cares.