Angular and Backbone Live on Pluralsight

January 14 2014 Angular Pluralsight Javascript

We're slowly rolling our productions into Pluralsight, and two of my favorites are up and ready for you to see.

The Best Angular Introduction I Could Do

I tried to learn Angular so I could use it with Tekpub. My first impressions were not good - it seemed over-engineered, unfriendly, and full of wonky terms for things that should be simple.

I decided to stop being such a snob and to step through the tutorials I found online being the main one. I slowly started to understand Angular - and began to see how it's supposed to work.

I remember thinking "my GOD why didn't they just SAY THAT!" - which is the curse of someone who does video production for a living (nitpicking others tutorial style). I don't like contrived demos that showcase a feature. I like to show features in the context of a living application.

And that's what I decided to do: build an Angular application from the ground up, and show how it all fits together. I created a MongoDB explorer which allows you to manage databases, documents, and run queries. Nothing earth-shattering, but along the way I picked up on:

Here's our old preview:

You simply can't discover these things by focusing on a library, feature by feature. You have to build something real - which is what I did and you can watch it now at Pluralsight.

Before That, Backbone

Almost the exact same thing happened with me and Backbone. I watched PeepCode's 3-part series on building a Backbone app, but I still felt confused. Geoffrey went into structure and some basic patterns - but (for me) it wasn't enough for me to look at Backbone code and think "that looks pretty elegant".

So I called up my friend Derick Bailey who's a bit of a Backbone wonk and asked him to proof some code I was writing for, once again, use at Tekpub. He tore everything I did to pieces and patiently explained better ways of doing things.

It took me some time to pick up the whole "evented thing" - but when it happened, I think there was a series of audible pops. Everything started to fall into place and next thing I knew - it was shipped.

And a new Tekpub course was in the offing. I created our first MongoDB explorer (Congo) and recorded all of it - with Derick dropping in from time to time for a code review. To this day I have yet to see a Backbone tutorial as complete as ours.

Here's our old Preview:

The best part? We pushed Episode 10 out for free - this is the one where we roll it all into Derick's Marionette project (a simple wrapper for Backbone that provides a ton of structure and help).

My Mission: Quality Infusion

I would love it if these videos did well at Pluralsight - I put a ton of love into them and sweated every second of the production process - and I'd love to see more authors do the same.

If you haven't watched them yet and you have a Pluralsight sub - I'd love to hear what you think.