Update on Planned Tekpub Videos

January 10 2014 Tekpub Pluralsight

I was planning on releasing two videos (one on BDD and one on Node) when the whole Pluralsight deal went down. I'm still planning on it... but a few things need to happen first. Here's an update.

Everything Was Finished... And Then...

All the demos were done and edited down, zoomed in, cleaned up and re-shot where needed. The voicework was complete for both of these videos - all that needed to happen next was to tidy up, add some titling, and slick it all out.

Which is what I've been doing over the past 3 weeks while also pushing our existing videos over to Pluralsight. By "pushing over" I mean, specifically:

This is really time-consuming, but we're almost there. While things are rendering I've been cutting and editing the new stuff, which is taking much longer than I hoped.

And then a realization hit me.

My Audience Has Drastically Changed

And that's a good thing. Tekpub has always had a large Microsoft/.NET audience - but over time that's changed a bit to more of a polyglot/OSS audience. This gave me a bit more freedom when it came to assumptions about what my audience might have installed or what machine they might be using.

I hadn't planned on changing anything about what I do (per se) - but at the same time there are subtle choices I can make that will greatly enhance the production for the current audience.

For instance - in the Node video I needed a data store so I just went with RethinkDB as I love it and it's simple to work with. The unfortunate thing is that RethinkDB doesn't run on Windows so right there I've limited the ability for a large portion of the audience to "play along".

The whole point of the video is so you could play along and write tests while you watch... ugh.

Another interesting thing is that Visual Studio now has some interesting tooling for Node. I typically use WebStorm (from Jetbrains) or Vim when doing these videos (I use both in the current version of the video) - but I think I'm missing an interesting opportunity to play with this tooling on VS.

Not only that - but the Chutzpah plugin for Visual Studio looks very interesting.

If my mission is to expose/educate/inspire developers - it only makes sense to use the tools they're familiar with.

And So...

The good news is that the BDD video I did I'm quite happy with and I'll start finalizing that in the coming month. I'm almost done with the video migration and should be able to put my full attention to this.

The bad news is that I'm going to completely reshoot the Node one - and I don't think it's a bad thing. I've learned quite a few tricks since I recorded it and I'd love for them to make it in. I'm very excited to try the new tooling with VS - as well as to show off the Azure integration.

I love the idea of exposing the Pluralsight audience to what's already possible with Node and Visual Studio - so to me, this is a good thing!

Now I just need to finish it!