Just For Consumption

Tuesday, June 2 2012 opinion

For some reason I'm reading more and more how the iPad is "only for consumption". I tend to favor my laptop given that I do a lot of video editing and code - but recently I leaned heavily on my iPad for more than just watching movies.

Make You a Deal

Long story short: I hired my 10 yr. old daughter to make the artwork for my slides for my NDC 2012 talk on PostgreSQL. I bought a new iPad 3 as I read books on my iPad a lot (make that only) - a clear screen is glorious. I was going to sell my old one but thought it would make a nice educational gift for my kids.

We homeschool, and having Khan Academy, Blue Planet, and 1000s of other educational resources on the thing is really helpful. But that's not what this post is about. Getting back on track.

My daugther loves to draw. So I bought the "Paper" illustration app for her to see what she could do. Long story short: she cracked out some amazing stuff. So amazing (to my dad's eyes, of course) that I thought it would be fun to involve her in my trip to Norway.

I told her I'd pay her $5 per slide. My wife thought I was nuts, but in my mind I wanted her to see just how truly valuable solid design and engaging graphics can be. In short: I believe in her talents, and I wanted to pay her accordingly.

I thought she'd only do just 1 - the title slide. But every night she would ask me for more details and, incredibly, I ended up with 10 slides!. And yes, I paid every bit of the $50.

Some parents might disagree - both with my giving my 10 yr. old that much money and allowing her to use an iPad like this. I say: you can't fight the future.

Moreover: don't cheat your kids just because they're your kids.

The Slides

These were made on my 2 year old iPad, using Paper. If you have kids - I highly recommend involving them in your professional life. I also recommend you getting involved in (what could be) theirs.