Monthly archive: February 29, 2012

Alt.Tekpub: Conceiving a RESTful API

Use Cases Always start with the user/consumer in mind (in this post the user or consumer is someone using my API for whatever reason). If they don't like what you do, your app is pointless. This can mean a lot of things to a lot people:- To a UX designer it means getting your wireframes […]

Someone Save Us From REST

ZOMG Did You Hear The News?!?!?!? PATCH is the new primary HTTP method for updates. Think files, for example. If you upload a file to S3 at some URL, you want either to create the file at that URL or replace an existing file if there's one. That is PUT. Now let's say a web […]

NodeJS Callback Conventions and Your App

Did It Work Or Didn't It? I have a method on my Customer module where I add a customer to MongoDB: var customer = require('./lib/customers'); customer.register("","password","confirm", result, success); The last two arguments here are callbacks. If you're new to Javascript – keep in mind it's asynchronous which means that nothing really happens right now. If […]

Testing Your Model with Mocha, Mongo, and NodeJS

Choices and More Choices The good news when getting off the ground with NodeJS: if you like testing, there are many interesting and solid choices. The ones I looked at are: Vows. A very interesting asynchronous test framework with beautiful documentation Mocha. A lively, capable testing tool that I ended up choosing. I started off […]

Alt.Tekpub – Installing and Setting Up Node

Hello Node Installing NodeJS is pretty simple these days. Understanding what's going on takes just a bit more effort. My goal today is to get NodeJS installed and then lay in the Express framework on top of it (think Sinatra for Node). The first part is easy: head over to and download your installer […]

Alt.Tekpub: Moving to MongoDB

Exploring NoSQL When we moved from .NET to Rails we started out with MongoDB using MongoMapper. I loved it a lot back then – incredibly easy to work with and quite fast. But Rails wasn't built with NoSQL in mind and frankly it seemed like I was trying to solve the wrong problem as ActiveRecord […]

Alt.Tekpub – A Transparent Learning Process

The First, Possibly The Last This whole thing could send me over the Cliffs of Insanity. It's ambitious, geeky, overwhelming probably stupid and with a light sprinkling of hubris. In other words: ** It should be simple.** I'm going to build a mirror Tekpub site written with all the buzzwords/new stuff I can think of. […]

Hands On With MonoStudio 2015

Nothing I want to start off that way as I think that's the most important part of this review: when I opened up MonoStudio 2015 (the renamed fictional successor to MonoDevelop) that's what I saw NOTHING. No crazy menus, no buttons, no configuration options, no popups. It was zentastic,beautifulnothingness with the most inviting textures – […]

Kiss The Ring…

Hadi Hariri, reflecting on the "Submit a Patch" attitude:>If youre working on OSS, youre doing it because you are benefiting from it. You benefit because you enjoy it. You benefit because you learn. You benefit because you potentially can rise to fame (albeit a micro-celebrity), and you benefit because it can ultimately provide you with […]