Tekpub Update, October 2011

October 13 2011 Tekpub

Thought I would take a minute or two and update Tekpubbers out there on what's happening in the near future....

##Site Updates

I'm in the middle of tweaking a few things on the site backend. Specifically:*Rolling over to Postgres. This is for many, many reasons.

*Moving off of Shopify. I like them a lot, but the checkout process is confusing so I'm pulling it back, but in a nicer, much cleaner way.

*Resetting subscriptions to work with Braintree Recurring Payments. I was going to go with Recurly but Braintree does a lot of what they do - and since they process our stuff anyway, well...I wanted to wait on this until I was done with

The Real-World MVC 3 Series but oddly enough, what I'm dealing with now pertains almost exactly to that series. Given that, I figured I'd roll that experience in.

Upcoming Productions

I have 2 authors ready to go and committed for upcoming Full Throttle series. One of them has asked me to delay the "reveal" if you will - but you'll know immediately who this person is, and I do think you'll find it interesting.

The one I can tell you about is going to be focused on Javascript with

Matt Ranney. He's CTO of Vaxxer in San Francisco, CA as well as a contributor to NodeJS and Riyak.

I think this one will be especially fun since Matt lives less than 2 miles from me - so I'm going to plop down next to him in person so I can watch him sweat :).

I'm working on a few Ruby-focused Full Throttles as well. These will focus on building out an app with RSpec and also something focused on core language features... idioms and so on.

Concepts vs. Practicality

I'm finding more and more that people value the pragmatic, "real world" stuff we do more than the conceptual. This makes a lot of sense to me - but I also know that I can't keep running Full Throttle's to the moon :).

I think there's a balance in there - so what I'm going to do is startup a "Kick Starter" series where an author creates a bit of functionality that's designed to be used in production - and then you get to use it as you need!

As opposed to pushing the source to Github - it will be part of the value of the production. Things like:*Recurring Billing Systems

*Shopping Cart Functionality

*Task Queues

*Whatever You SuggestI know it might sound a bit nebulous - but if you recall that system that Oren was building in the Full Throttle episode... well what if he had a chance to build it out completely with tests etc? How much would you say that would be worth? Especially with a full, step by step explanation of the code?

That's my hope for the Kick Starter stuff...

Next Big Series?

For me, I'm focusing on finishing the MVC 3 stuff - there are two more episodes left (planned) and my goal is to have those out in the next month.

I'm talking to a number of authors about upcoming productions - some focused on testing, others on database platforms. Part of the difficulty is freeing up their time to get this stuff done!

To be specific:*I'm still working with a prominent Ruby author to get an "Idiomatic Ruby" production out there. We've all seen how to do the basics with Ruby - what about doing it "prettily" and "correctly"?

*I'm hoping to fire up a whole set of iPhone/iPad/iOS productions - some more basic, some more advanced.

*Rob Sullivan is jumping to do more with SQL Server and Postgres - that's on the calendar

*NodeJS - a lot of people have questions about Node... me too! I have 2 or 3 authors in mind for those.##No .NET Love?

Of course there is! Many of the Kick Starter things will be focused on Microsoft stuff - and I hope to have someone show off Azure whenever they figure out what Azure will do and how it will work :).

I'm hoping to get someone to show off F#. I know just the right person too...

So yes - there will be some .NET love coming.

A Lot Of Promises - What Can I Look Forward To In The Next Few Months?

I can tell you for certain there will be:*2 Full Throttles - one on Javascript, one on... a subject to be named :).

*The completion of the MVC 3 series

*The first drop of the Kick Starter stuff - most likely the Subscription Billing System

*Something with Ruby and RSpecThere it is. If you have any feedback... let me know!