I Turned My Twitter Account Back On

Rob Conery | Opinion

TL;DR: I turned my Twitter account back on because as much as I like the silence and increase in my efficiency - Twitter helps me in a lot of ways I'm beginning to miss. Go ahead and crow. You were right.

You're Going To Say "Told You So"

Give yourself a pat on the back. I don't mind being wrong and changing my mind - this is Yet Another Thing Tried and Failed in my playbook.

And so we move on.

For Those Who Care: Here's Why

I'm still repulsed by the cheapening of human communication that Twitter facilitates; but that's not Twitter, it's the kind of people Twitter attracts. Watching Egypt go through its revolt really got to me - that's the positive side of Twitter (and Facebook really) - connecting people in a positive way.

That's what I miss. The random "hey Rob how can I [Do Thing]?" and "I'm an Kauai - let's have a beer!". In addition I've missed the back and forth while I was kicking up

Massive. I always felt like my blog would fill that role. But it doesn't. I was wrong.

It's up to me to turn the noise down - to unfollow the people that spend their time bitching into the Internet Wind as if it's going to un-suck their lives somehow. Not that I didn't do my share - I did and it made me feel stupid. I don't like feeling stupid and Twitter really appeals to that side of me that somehow LIKES being stupid publicly. It's too easy.

I like opinions. I like questions. I like opening people's minds and I really really like driving home the "Simplicity Thing" that is (hopefully) beginning to creep into .NET land.

So, my account's back on -

@robconery for those who care. Was my venture a failure? Nah - I've gotten more done in the last 3 months than I have since... well EVER. I might not tweet as much as I used to; I surely won't bitch as much as I used to.

Zinger Time

Just do me a favor - as you're gearing up your snarky comment, please take a second and see if you can add some spice to it rather than a ham-handed tilt at internet slangy/hacker speak. I want a nice, ripe zinger right between the eyes. Show me you can do it.