Tekpub's Second Open House

Rob Conery | Work

In honor of pushing our newest series Mastering C# 4 with Jon Skeet, Tekpub is opening its doors once again for 24 hours for all people to come and check out the groovy content we have.

It's Your Career - Empower Yourself

It's why James and I do this: knowledge is power. Arm yourself with

pragmatic and usable

knowledge that you can use today. There's a lot going on and videos are becoming the quickest, simplest way to learn. We pride ourselves on depth and objectivity -

find out for yourself what we mean.

We have all kinds of videos - Microsoft.NET, Ruby, jQuery, iPhone and Android. If you want to have a functional, working knowledge that's great! Or if you just want to know what your peers are talking about at the next geek meetup - we can help you.

Are we doing this because

Pluralsight is? Sure! But not in a slimey 80's yuppie competitive way.

This is not a "winner take all" kind of deal in the same way that there can't be single technical publisher. You might buy a Manning book on a particular topic because you like the author - you might buy an O'Reilly book on the exact same topic because it's presented in a more pragmatic way. You don't need to stop at just one book (or video) - and you shouldn't!

Our goal with opening our doors isn't to "counter" what Fritz and company are up to - it's to augment and add to it. Educating yourself is becoming simpler and more efficient with online video training. What used to take days (slogging through a forest of pages) can now take hours - and you get to see/feel/understand so much more.

Professional screencasts are where it's at.

go checkout Pluralsight's jQuery stuff, and when you're done

come check out ours. And when you're done with that,

go check out Peepcode's approach. As with books - each will have a special perspective on the subject, and will offer you something to think about

Enjoy. Hope you learn something awesome...