Monthly archive: November 28, 2010

Using Rails 3 to Build Tekpub

Using Rails 3 to Build Tekpub[if lt IE 8]> <![endif] We just pushed the latest build of Tekpub – and it's a pretty substantial upgrade. I bounced between frameworks during this rewrite, eventually settling with Rails 3. A few people have asked why. Here's why. Upgrading Tekpub with Rails 3 To get this out of […]

Prepping For Mouse Freedom

Know Your System Commands You're going to need a launcher. If you're on a Mac that would be Quicksilver or Alfred. I really like Alfred – it's fast and readable. Google also has a launcher but it's sort of annoying. I've keyed Alfred to pop up when I hit Command twice (my thumb). On windows […]

Open ID Is A Nightmare

It Seemed Like Such a Great Idea I know the first thing you're going to think: "StackOverflow seems to have worked it just fine". I said this very thing about 12 times over the last year as I pounded my head against my desk, wondering what I was missing. James then said to me "really? […]

Some Thoughts on HAML

Thinking CSS First One thing that's very nice about HAML is that when you write your code, you're thinking "CSS-first" – meaning that you don't write HTML tags (normally) – you work with classes or element ids. I, for one, love this approach. It helps me to "mock out" a layout and then add the […]