Music and Podcasts?

Rob Conery | Opinion

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on Twitter and the This Developer’s Life podcast blog/site about the music that I choose to use. I left a comment on there going into a bit of explanation about why I do what I do - so I figured I’d put that here as well.

The summary: I can’t change what I’m doing. It’s just not possible for me. This is a creative thing that seems to have a mind of it’s own - a little monster growling inside me.

Here’s the comment I left: 

It’s an entirely subjective thing - I happen to love music and part of my inspiration here is to let it help me tell the story. I appreciate that a lot of people “don’t get it” or think it’s too much - it’s my inspiration and what can I say?

If anything, I think this podcast was too long - no stretching was at all wanted or required. Perhaps as developers we like to take things apart and analyze the pieces - question why they’re there and what their purpose is (wow - all 3 spellings of “there”).

I don’t know why I do what I do in terms of the music - or why I put it where I do. I hear it in my head - see it on the graphs. It just comes out this way.

I can’t change that - and I hate to say it - but I won’t. This is a creative outlet for me and not something I’m doing just to gain “listeners”. If you like it - that makes me happy :). If you don’t, that’s OK too :).

And for what it’s worth - for you (and all others wondering) - I spaz on music selection to the point of indecency. It’s not an intellectual process - it’s a listening one. A “feeling” one - what tones/evocation/lyrical arrangements seem to match? As I started out saying - I get that not everyone will understand/share my thoughts here. But I can’t be more “selective” - it literally just happens. “Jumps out at me” if you will.

Anyway - thank you for your thoughts :). I felt I should go a bit deeper on “thanks but…”, rather than appear unappreciative of your feedback. 

I can’t change what’s happening - it’s just happening :).