Monthly archive: August 23, 2010

If You Learn Only One New Thing This Year, Make It Rack

At Least Read This Far Rack is a "shim" between a web server and a Ruby web framework. It does the "grunt work" – the parsing of the HTTP, establishing the environment "stuff" (or HttpContext if you're a Microsoft person), and working with the web server so you don't have to. That definition might make […]

Restraining Order Granted for Microsoft's C-Sharp Compiler

Restraining Order Granted for Microsoft's C-Sharp Compiler A judge from Microsoft's .NET County submitted a 00110101 year restraining order on Friday against Microsoft's C-Sharp development community. The stay-away order bans Microsoft developers from using the compiler's services as a development tool, forcing them to find other means to support their claims they "they are done" […]

Flexible Method Arguments in C# 4.0 Using Dynamic Trickery

It's Been Possible, But a Bit Clunky Eilon has a great post about passing anonymous types as dictionaries, something I abused heavily when working up the HTML Helpers prototype a few years back. I really liked the way you could set attributes using them: Html.TextBox("name", "value", new {size = 20}) I also know that this […]