Monthly archive: July 29, 2010

Moving Your Mind Into Vim Mode

You Won't Like It If you haven't used Vim before and you're looking to learn it – it's kind of like a first taste of coffee. Or beer. It's bitter, not particularly sweet, and you get pretty damn tired of people talking about how much they love it rather quickly. But then the buzz kicks […]

Why I Like Ruby, Part 2: Blocks

Nothing New Code blocks and closures are nothing new to programming – you can find them in most OO languages (and PERL :p). This has been sort of doable with C# using delegates (and more recently with Linq and Predicates/yield and the Tinker-toy syntax that is Linq) but it is, in a word, obtuse. Ruby […]

The Reasons I Like Ruby

I Can't Change Your Mind. And I Don't Want To … and I said as much yesterday on my Tumblog. There's no point in my trying to convince you that LanguageX is better than Y – and I'm not going to. Languages are a tool – if you pick sides and go with only one […]

When Code Isn't Enough

I’ve been having an interesting ‘debate’ (if I can call it that) about whether it’s more relevant to show code when discussing non-MS frameworks, or to prod people to find out for themselves. On one hand I completely fall in to the “Morpheus Camp” – essentially that “I can only show you the door, you […]